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“We tell ourselves stories in order to live."

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Your Biographicalal Story, written by a professional

"We tell ourselves stories in order to live", said American writer Joan Didion in the first sentence of her essay 'The White Album'. We tell ourselves stories in order to give meaning to the good, the mediocre and the difficult we experience in our lives. 

Lisbon, Portugal | | +351918214708.                                                                                                                                         WalkAndTalkBio 2021. 

this is me

Hey there!


Very happy you've found me. 

My name is Vos, and I am a journalist, writer, historian and collector of stories. I was born in Belgium and have been living in Portugal for many years.


Everything I did so far was always focussed on knowing others and on getting stories out there.

Because for me, this is what makes life a thrill.


I love to collect personal stories, to explore the world through one-on-one conversations, and to dive into the memories of others. I am curious to discover how other people overcome challenges, and I want to feel how fellow humans celebrate life.


I learn a lot through the eyes of others. 


image: Studio Yves Callewaert, Lisbon


and this is what I do

I enjoy listening to other people's life stories, and writing them down. Thus, I am doing what I love most : telling stories


I use my experience as a journalist, writer, engaged traveller, curious historian and passionate people-lover to write mesmerising, empowering and inspiring biographical stories about people, family businesses, brands, companies and communities. 



*You've learned a couple of important lessons in your life you want to share with your loved ones?

* You would like to present your brand’s history in a series of compelling articles or a beautiful coffee table book?

* Or perhaps you want to take stock of your life just for yourself, because this will enable you to reflect and to reach personal growth?


* Maybe you’re a member of a noble family desiring to pass the family’s core values to the next generation?


* It might as well be that you, as a member of a specific community, want to empower your peers with an uplifting story.

In all these cases - and many more - having your own story written down is a great way to dwell on life and share with others what you consider meaningful to tell.

get your biographical story written down

We'll build your biographical story together, based on a series of relaxed, interactive conversations that we carry out online or face-to-face. Depending on what works best for you.

Pick your choice:


Biographical Story


Our conversations take place through an online communication tool of your liking. Each session takes 1 hour, during which you'll exchange what is essential for you to compose your Biographical Story. You'll receive a résumé of our talk after each session, which will be the base of your ultimate Biographical Story.


Biographical Story

in Portugal

You are welcome to be ‘interviewee-in-residence’ in Portugal's green Ribatejo region, where I live (along with horses, a donkey, dogs and cats, cows and wild birds and foxes). You'll stay for a couple of days, during which we’ll go for some walking & talking through the vast cork lands. Your Biographical Story will come to life based on these relaxing and pleasant cork-land talks. 


If desired, your residency can also include a lot of linked experiences:

- Cooking local dishes.  

- Exploring the farm and the surrounding area.

- Visiting regional restaurants.

- Swimming in a nearby lake. 

- Participating in a ceramic workshop or enjoying some wine tasting.

 - Discovering nearby Lisbon and Évora. 

- Camping in the forest. 

- Doing other activities that match your interests.

I'm more than happy to design a tailor-made program for you.


Biographical Story

On Site

I'll walk in your footsteps: I'll come to talk with you at any convenient spot in the world, or any place you think is relevant for your story. We can compose your personal history in a familiar environment (your city, your home, your company), in places that are important for your story (the family business building, the parental residence, your home village), or any other relevant location. 

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